RETHINK – Remembrance Education for THINKing critically, 29./30.01.2018, Sèvres/Paris

Improving pupils’ critical thinking skills in order to make them future active, tolerant and involved citizens is the aim of the project RETHINK – a three-year endeavour which will end in November 2020 and in which we participate as a partner organisation.
RETHINK will collect remembrance education programmes which use the Holocaust, alongside other instances of mass violence, to make students reflect on the construction and consequences of prejudices and conspiracy theory. Effective practices all across Europe will be observed, analysed and adjusted, in order to make them available not just in the work of non-formal education, but also for teachers throughout Europe. RETHINK will create an online platform on which such practices will be available, but which will also serve as the starting point for the creation of a new network for memorials, relevant NGOs and other memory initiatives who wish to develop new programmes together.
The kick-off meeting of the project – co-founded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union – was held last week in Sèvres near Paris. It was hosted by the centre international d’études pédagogiques (CIEP), which is coordination this complex and geographically broad project.

Alongside the Memorial House of the Wannsee Conference (Germany) and the CIEP (France), the project’s consortium includes Mémorial de la Shoah (France), CESIE (Italy), CDRSEE (Greece), Euroclio (the Netherlands), Kazerne Dossin (Belgium), and the Living History Forum (Sweden).

Aya Zarfati, Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz

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